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Sells houses fast – nets highest house sold price!

Coldwell Banker Sell my House listings service sells houses fast and nets you, the seller the highest house sold price the market will allow. Coldwell Banker does this with name recognition and branding. Coldwell Banker is the largest brokerage in the world, and is a company that has been in business since August 27, 1906. NRT the company that owns Coldwell banker posted approximately $156.7 billion (pro forma) in total residential real estate volume in 2014. The company was ranked No. 1 nationally in existing home sales volume and transaction sides for 18 consecutive years.

What Coldwell Banker – Roger Loesel Does Different.

Coldwell Banker– Realtor Roger Loesel   has mastered their sell my house listing service by creating systems that maximize every listings value.  We showcase each listing and present it to potential home buyers in a way that appeals to the buyer’s emotions. Home buyer’s buy a house because they like it and it makes them feel good. Coldwell’s platforms put every listing in front of buyers that are looking to buy.  We appeal to their emotions and create a feeling of urgency.

As your house selling consultants we will help you determine a sales price for your home that will make it stand out among the other homes on the market. We do this by analyzing the markets and compare other homes that are currently on the market and ones that have sold, to the listing. Then we prepare the data and create a (to receive Click on Link ) pin point accurate neighborhood report on what your home is worth .  We will then go over the report with you at the office. Ask you questions about your goals and needs when it comes to selling your home. We will listen to what you are saying and the answers you are providing.  We will study that information and compare it to what the market is saying. We will then build a marketing plan that advises and leads you in a direction to meet your goals.

Real estate agent Roger Loesel  will communicate with you weekly to inform you of market conditions. We will talk about any new listings that have come on the market and how we are positioned to them. We will talk about the properties that have sold or expired, and why that happened. We will talk about any activity and feedback I have received. I will guide you through the Coldwell Banker sell my house listing service in a way that will make it easy to make the choices that will net you the highest return on the sale of your house.

Coldwell Banker helps you accomplish this goal by providing every home seller with a Sell My House  Services Guarantee.  A service guarantee is only as good as the company that stands behind it Coldwell Banker sell my house listing service is guaranteed by the largest brokerage in the world and a company that has been in business over a 100 years. Coldwell Banker can sell any house in Upper albany west subdivision 

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