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About Us

CORI LLC-Central OH Real Estate Investment  helps Central Ohio unwanted property owners solve problems, and every day people with their real estate investment goals.

CORI LLC is a great source for real estate owners in the Columbus OH Real Estate market wanting to sell their property.

We buy direct from owners without any

  • broker fees,
  • title fees 
  • repairs being done by you

Which nets you the most amount of cash the market will allow!

CORI LLC-CORI Limited Liability Company main goal is to net you the most amount of money the market will allow.

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Why do we do this?

Because we are professionals and we have to, it’s the right thing to do. Every transaction that CORI LLC-CORI Limited Liability Company buys is handled by a licensed, bonded, insured Realtor from Ditter & Associates.  This company policy holds us to a higher standard then other real estate buyers in Columbus OH, due to the fact that a licensed  real estate professional is involved in the transaction. So rest assured that if you sell your house to CORI LLC-CORI Limited Liability Company the transaction will be done according to Ohio Real Estate Law.

To set up an appointment to speak to a Central OH Real Estate Professional call 614-412-4403 or CLICK HERE


CORI LLC-CORI-Limited-Liability-Company helps people get into investing in real estate near-Columbus OH!

CORI LLC helps every day people with at least 10k in savings start investing in real estate.

If you’re interested in learning more about Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC and our Central OH Real Estate investment opportunity

  •  as partners on deals,
  • to purchase wholesale properties, 
  • if you’re looking for an alternative to US Bonds,
  • investing your money in the stock market
  • traditional fixed-income investments



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