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Welcome to CORI LLC Private money my name is Roger Loesel. I am a Realtor that puts together lucrative real estate investments, so my clients make safe consistent returns on their money.  When I  buy into an area, the community embraces us because we’re buying the worst house on the block, and help to beautify the community they live in as well . We Provide housing for American home buyers from all walks of life.

I work with brokerage Coldwell Banker King Thompson, and I am a Central OH home buyers Realtor that helps home buyers understand the Central OH Real Estate Market. I use a four step real estate buying process that makes buying real estate simple.  I pair my Buyer clients with CORI LLC private money and provide short term loans to home buyers at above average returns to investors that buy the real estate notes .

The mortgage and foreclosure crisis have created a surge of discounted real estate opportunities.  We are buying properties for 46% of neighborhood ARV’s. Unfortunately it has also created volatility in traditional investments such as mutual funds, CDs, and stocks . Lots of investors have lost thousands and have seen their paper assets vanish into thin air. People like you are really frustrated   with the lower terms lately. Right

There is a Better Way with CORI LLC Private money 

I got into real estate in 2007 and was able to build a portfolio in one of the worst real estate markets the United States has seen. In 2009 I got my Ohio Real Estate license and specialized in project managing rehabs and working with investors. As of the end of 2016 I have been the project manager of 40 rehabs; 30 being on 1 to 4 family units and the other a 10 unit residential commercial building. I have the leadership skills to manage projects, to come in on time and budget; giving investors an above average return on any investment. For a more in depth Question & Answer with me or a full business plan on CORI LLC private money  call 1-888-815-5116 FREE EXT 725 or local 614-526-5610