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Private money and CORI LLC is a note buying opportunity. Hi! my name is Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty. I am a Realtor that puts together lucrative real estate investments. I use notes and mortgages, so my clients make safe consistent returns on their money.  These note buying opportunities are debt investments that pay an above average, fixed return, backed by Central Ohio Real Estate.

When I  buy into an area, the community embraces us because we’re buying the worst house on the block, and helping to beautify the community they live in as well . We Provide housing for American home buyers from all walks of life. From affordable housing to custom rehabs on Central Ohio Properties.

I work with brokerage Capitol Realty. My team and I of Central OH Home Buyer Realtors help private money investors understand the Central OH Real Estate Market.  I pair my Buyer clients with Private money and CORI LLC and provide short term loans to home buyers at above average returns to investors that buy the real estate notes.

Every Central Ohio Note Buying Opportunity is backed by a 70% loan to value . That means the property that backs the note is worth 30% more than what you are paying for the Central Ohio Real Estate Note.

The unique situation in the economy  has created real estate opportunities if you know what you are doing.  We are still buying properties at a discount in Central Ohio Neighborhoods. Unfortunately it has also created volatility in traditional investments such as mutual funds, CDs, and stocks. Lots of investors have lost thousands and have seen their paper assets vanish into thin air. People like you are really frustrated with the lower terms lately. Right?

There is a Better Way with Private money and CORI LLC  I got into real estate in December of 2007, and was able to build a portfolio in one of the worst real estate markets the United States has seen. In 2009 I got my Ohio Real Estate license and specialized in project managing rehabs and working with investors.  I have been the project manager of 50 rehabs; 40 being on 1 to 4 family units and the other a 10 unit residential commercial building.

I have the leadership skills to manage projects, to come in on time and budget; giving investors an above average return on any investment. For a more in depth Question & Answer with me or a full business plan on Private money and CORI LLC  fill out the form please.

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