Real Estate Note for Sale Performing 1st Position $98,250 UPB @ 10% in Lima OH

Real Estate Note for Sale in Lima OH is performing with 10 months worth of payment history. It is a 1st position note for sale on a duplex. The unpaid balance of the note is $98,250 and the property value is $131,000. The interest rate of the real estate note for sale is 10%. The mortgagor has made a $17,408.30 down payment for the rehab financing.
The term is 30 years with a 5 year balloon. The monthly PI equals $862.21 PITI equals $1021.00. The property is producing $1200.00 a month for the past 10 months.
This is a refinance out of construction financing that was used to stabilize the property. The mortgagor is offering a second mortgage on other properties to secure your note.

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– Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC

Real Estate Note for Sale in Lima OH

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