CORI LLC’s house buying process explained 

Sell House fast in Lima Ohio using CORI LLC’s house buying process!

All transactions are handled by Realtor Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty

Get house sold fast, for cash, and without making repairs needed to sell the house.

If you have any questions or would like more details on the process.
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Find Out what Type of Lima Ohio Properties CORI LLC Buys!

Types of Properties CORI LLC buys

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Find Out CORI LLC’s Exact House Buying Process!

CORI LLC’s house buying process enables you to sell your house fast. 

Our buying process for unwanted Properties in Central OH (and nearby areas) is simple. We follow a simple 4-step process and use our ‘buying a house process checklist’ when purchasing a home.

The process is handled by a team of state-licensed professionals. These professionals make sure every transaction is according to state laws.

Let me walk you through a typical transaction when CORI LLC buys a house fast.

Step 1

The simple 4 step process to buy a home starts with a phone call with one of CORI’s Team Members. The phone call will last about 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the questions). CORI LLC’s Team Member will ask questions to get a better understanding of your home and why you are selling it. CORI LLC’s goal is not just to buy a house. It is to create a win/win situation with every seller and buy the right house. These questions help us determine how we can help you with your real estate selling goals.

Step 2

With your goals in mind and your permission. CORI LLC will set up a time to view the property. We must get eyes on the property before we will make an offer on the property. One of our Realtors will visit the property. They will fill out a property report on any repairs needed. We will also take pictures of the house to help us when making the offer. The Realtor will then do a market research report and determine what the average sales price for that area is.

Step 3

CORI’s Realtors may come to the realization that selling your house to CORI LLC is not the right thing for you to do. If that is the case we will speak to you about our Lima OH house buying process and listing it with our broker, or explore the idea of selling it yourself (click here for Free Report). Whatever the outcome of the showing is, CORI LLC is here to help you with your goal. Whether it is buying the property from you, or making the introduction to our Lima OH Broker. We have the insight to accomplish your goals and help you with the Lima OH house buying process when selling a Lima Ohio Property.


After the showing or a day later you will receive an offer from CORI LLC’s Realtor. The property will be bought as is, where is, without you having to do any repairs. CORI LLC will give you fair market value; minus any repair costs, that have to be made, to bring the subject property value to what like homes are selling for in the area. We can buy with cash or with some properties we use financing. So the traditional time on the market looking for a buyer is gone.  A third party title company will issue title insurance ( CORI LLC pays the cost) so everyone is protected in the transaction. All the funds from the sale will be dispersed through the title company. CORI LLC is the buyer for sellers who need a fast sale without any repairs being made to the property.

Step 4

You are now in contract with CORI LLC and your goal is almost accomplished. Congrats! The title company is now working on getting the history of the property and writing the insurance policy. The proper closing documents are also being prepared. Now is the time to schedule a closing and get you paid$$$$$$.

If you have any questions or would like more details on the process. Please call  419-718-2722 to set up any appointment

See what the seller of Stewart Rd, Lima, OH 45801 has to say.

Hi Roger,

I spoke with the title company earlier today, and they confirmed that the deal closed and that my final closing statement and the check should show up on my porch tomorrow.
This house has been such a non-stop problem since shortly after I bought it in 2009. You would not believe all the time I’ve spent over the past 7 years, dealing with one issue after another… or as an investor, perhaps you do know
 Anyway, I’ve enjoyed talking to you, and working with you, and just wanted to say…
for getting me out from under the stress of dealing with this property. I feel like someone has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and that someone is you!

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