Real Estate Income with fixed rate,

set payment on all investments made

Real Estate income with a passive income rental property or passive debt investment provides true diversification to a investment portfolio, a retirement savings account or a developer looking for passive income. An argument can be made that most investment portfolios invested in stocks and bonds are invested in one asset class and aren’t truly diversified.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is a real estate operator, that solves real estate problems for owners, and financial institutions, by taking control of problem assets.

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Most of the assets are in need of repairs. We use the value add approach; bring the assets up to the area after repair value. Once we have a certificate of occupancy from the city the houses are sold with owner financing, or rented depending on the best use of the property. All buyers are underwritten according to Dodd Frank regulations by a mortgage originator, and all tenants go through a application process.

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