Investments in Ohio

  401k-IRA Investments in Ohio Secured by 1st Position.

Pays Above Average Returns

My name is Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty.  I am a licensed Realtor, that provides lucrative investments secured  by real estate, with first lien positions.

These investments are debt service investments, that pay a fixed cash payment monthly or quarterly.

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I have 401k-ira investment opportunities that I am currently working on. They offer above average returns. The returns  are paid monthly or quarterly, secured by real estate with 1st position lien,  and an equity position of at least 30% ( some more, depending on the property) on every property .

401k-ira investments can be used to purchase the Central Ohio distressed real estate assets.  Here is the Securities and Exchange Commission definition and guidelines of private money .

ACTION:  Final rules on 401k-ira investment

SUMMARY:  The Commission is adopting rules under the Investment Company Act of 1940 to implement provisions of the National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996 that apply to privately offered investment companies.  The rules define certain terms for purposes of the new exclusion from regulation under the Investment Company Act for privately offered  investment companies whose investors are all highly sophisticated investors, termed “qualified purchasers.”  The rules also address certain transition issues relating t0 existing privately offered investment companies that have no more than 100 investors and other matters concerning privately offered investment companies. To read more click here

This is a true debt service investment that is, consistently producing cash flow with an above average return on all investments.   Click Here for more information on Central Ohio Real Estate Investment  LLC lucrative 401k-ira investments.

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