Debt Securities Investments are tax free in Central Ohio! Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC explains their debt securities investment process below

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The loan was for twelve (12) months and all interest payments were paid on the required date.

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Debt Securities Investment are

Tax Free in Central Ohio with a

3rd party IRA Custodian!

Debt securities investments that are in Central Ohio are passive real estate syndication investments. They pay a fixed monthly payment that is backed by a tangible asset.

Debt securities investments that are in Central Ohio reduce the “unpredictable factor ” in real estate investing.  This is done by offering a passive [hands off for the buyer] debt investment opportunity that is backed by a pool of cash flowing Central Ohio Investment Properties .  Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC uses a 3rd party custodian or servicer – [depending where funds are coming from and your investment goals] to handle  all of the debt securities investments. 

The difference between equity investment and debt investment!

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While both debt and equity investments can deliver good returns, they have differences with which you should be aware. Debt investments, such as bonds and mortgages, specify fixed payments, including interest, to the investor. Equity investments, such as stock, are securities that come with a “claim” on the earnings and/or assets of the corporation. Common stock, as traded on the New York or other stock exchanges, is the most popular equity securities investment. Debt and equity investments come with different historical returns and risk levels.

Debt Instruments

Debt investments tend to be less risky than equity investments but usually offer a lower but more consistent return. They are less volatile than common stocks, with fewer highs and lows than the stock market. The bond and mortgage market historically experiences fewer price changes, for better or worse, than stocks. Also, should a corporation be liquidated, bondholders are paid first. Mortgage investments, like other debt instruments, come with stated interest rates and are backed up by real estate collateral.

Equity Investments

Fortunes can be made or lost with equity investments. Any stock market can be volatile, with rapid changes in share values. Often, these wide price swings are not based on the solidity of the organization backing them up but by political, social or governmental issues in the home country of the corporation. Equity investments are a classic example of taking on higher risk of loss in return for potentially higher reward.

Legal Differences

Debt instruments, whatever they may be called, are corporate borrowing. Instead of procuring a straight commercial bank loan, the organization “borrows” from a variety of investors. This is why debt instruments, such as bonds, come with a stated interest rate, as a loan would. Equity investments offer an ownership position in the company. Owning stock makes the investor an owner of the organization. The percentage of ownership depends on the number of shares owned as compared with the total number of shares issued by the corporation.

Investment Goals and Risk

Depending on your investment goals, these differences may strongly influence your preferences. All investments come with risk. However, debt instruments offer less risk than equity investments. Your investing targets may favor equity investments, if you’re seeking striking growth or profit potential. Conversely, you might focus on debt instruments when you prefer consistent income and less risk. Tailor your investment actions to match your objectives and risk tolerance.

How are Central Ohio Real Estate Investments Different?

First of all the Central Ohio Real Estate Market is on fire right now. With no signs of slowing down in the near future. Central Ohio is on track to become a region of 3 million people by 2050. That equates to 118 people moving into the region each day according to MORPC – Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission. The housing demand is not only causing house prices to go up but rental rates have also gone up in price. All positive factors for us as real estate investors . 

All the real estate that backs the Central Ohio Debt Securities Investment is self managed by Central Ohio Real Estate Realtor Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty. We have the equity investment position of every  Central Ohio Debt Securities Investment , which gives us skin in the game so to say. It also guarantees you the investor the best management team due to the fact our money is on the line also. This strategy produces the best results for someone looking for a passive investment in Central Ohio Real Estate Investing. 

Central Ohio Debt Securities Investment not only produce a passive investment in Central Ohio Real Estate Investing. All of the returns can be tax free. When you open a self directed IRA any contribution you make to the IRA is taxed at normal rate. The returns from the investment are tax free.

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Example of past opportunity –  SDIRA account had 100k to invest – SDIRA account received a debt securities investment of 100k earning a interest rate of 10% for 60 payments of $2124.70. The total payoff of the Central Ohio Debt Securities Investment that the SDIRA account  received was $127,482.00.

The Central Ohio Debt Securities Investments are all  backed by cash flowing real estate with a max loan to value of 80%. This means that the real estate backing the  Central Ohio Debt Securities Investments is worth 20% more then what you paid for the Debt Securities instrument.

All the Central Ohio Debt Securities Investments are managed by our Realtor and 3rd party vendors. We are not offering financial advice or selling Debt Securities Investments as licensed financial advisors. Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC advises that you consult a professional for all Central Ohio Debt Securities Investments.  

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