Cori LLC Processes


Mapped Out!

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So Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC-consistently can provide above-average returns to our clients.

CORI LLC Processes are mapped out in a real estate business process map. Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC has taken the Central OH Real Estate Market experiences, of our Realtor Roger Loesel for the past 13 years and mapped out our current business model.

We took the roadblocks, the failures, and the items that slowed down CORI LLC Systems in the past, and wrote new processes to eliminate them. The system is a plug and play real estate business system; that allows for the right team member, to be on the right team.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC does things a little differently. We have spent the time money and did the research for you. We have created a 30-day series that builds a relationship with our clients and explains Central Ohio Real Estate Investment processes. Click Here

Below are Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLCs business links to start research.

BBB – Click Here

Columbus Chamber of Commerce Click Here

Division of Real Estate [ Type in Roger Loesel for 1st and last name everything else can be blank] – Click Here

Company Website – Click Here

Debt Investment Website – Click Here

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Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is committed to providing our money partners with a set quarterly above-average return on their investments. The real estate business process map allows all team members to understand and follow CORI LLC Processes.

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