CORI LLC’s Return on Investment is an Above Average  Investment Return

Return on Investment is what every investor is looking for, and CORI LLC is offering a above average investment return.  CORI LLC is a real estate investment company that is located in Central Ohio . CORI LLC specializes in buying distressed real estate in Central OH for 46% of the area after repair market price. CORI then rehabs the property according to the neighborhood for 24% of the area after repair market price, and either holds it for cash flow or sells it to a home buyer or as a turnkey rental property with a nice investment return. CORI LLC also provides financing for real estate to home buyers and investors with a 580 credit score. Promissory notes secured by a mortgage with a first position lien, are given to the private money investor’s. The notes have a 1 to 24 month balloon on them with pay off to the investor being 12 to 60 months depend on the investment and what the investor needs for his return on investment.

CORI LLC is a great source for Columbus real estate investors to find a safe consistence above average return on investment for more information fill out the form.

As you know, real estate is at a 30 year low right now in many markets.  Recently all over the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and countless other publications there have been stories about big Wall Street companies jumping in and buying real estate rather than stocks… because they know they can get a better return on investment.

 So, why are most Americans still trusting their own retirements… IRAs… 401ks… with the stock market?

Answer is,

They don’t know about Central OH Real Estate Investing with IRA’s and the return on investment . Before we dive into Central OH Real Estate Investing with IRA ‘s … remember, we are not financial advisers and by no means should this guide be meant to act as financial, tax, or legal advice.  It’s for informational purposes only. Consult your own professional advisers before you make any financial choices like this to figure out what you want for a return on investment.

Which annual return on investment would you prefer to have: 9% or 10%?

All things being equal, of course, anyone would rather earn 10% than 9%. But when it comes to calculating annualized investment returns, all things are not equal and differences between calculation methods can produce striking dissimilarities over time. In this FREE report, you will learn everything you need to know to safely become a Private Lender in real estate. You will learn how to secure your funds, evaluate deals and make transactions and best of all; you will learn exactly how you can significantly increase your return on investment  over your current CD, Money Market and even Stock Market return on investment.

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