Stop Central Ohio Foreclosure-with CORI LLC, and have the possibility of quick cash in your hand!

Central OH Real Estate Investment LLC’s goal is to net you the most $$$ the market will allow for the sale of your house, and stop the Central Ohio foreclosure of the property!

 Take that first step of putting yourself back in charge of your life, and rid the stress for yourself!

Stop Central OH foreclosure with Roger Loesel and CORI LLC

Stop the Central OH foreclosure process with CORI LLC and myself. My name is Roger Loesel and I am a Realtor for Capitol Realty that helps property owners with real estate problems. I have helped 225 property owners that were facing foreclosure take back their lives and get rid of all the stress a real estate foreclosure brings.

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stop central ohio foreclosure

Depending on your goals and circumstances I will help you, or refer you to a professional that can stop Central Ohio foreclosure on the property. I have been in the Central OH Real Estate Business for ten years so, I have contacts with Attorneys, non traditional lenders, and credit professionals.

The stop Central OH foreclosure process depends on your circumstances and the type of foreclosure (DELINQUENT TAX SALE or NON-TAX SALE) . The team of professionals and myself know this and understand what is necessary to stop your Central OH foreclosure. 

The 1st step with every Columbus OH House Seller is to schedule a private consultation with myself by  Filling out the form

The meeting should take about forty five minutes to one hour depending on questions you may have. I will ask you questions about the Central OH Foreclosure you are currently facing. We will talk about what you want to do, and your future plans for the house.  I will go over the current market conditions, for the house for sale that is in foreclosure.  We will then come up with a plan together that will stop your Central OH Foreclosure

CORI LLC and myself have helped Columbus OH House Sellers stop Central Ohio foreclosure. People in the same situation unlock thousands of dollars worth of equity that would have been lost. Fill out the form to stop Central OH foreclosure. 

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