CORI LLC holds themselves to the highest standards by aligning with the BBB, and licensed Realtor Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty.

The credibility page for Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC provides links so clients can do their own due diligence. Our companies policies are based around our CORE Values. [listed below]

  • Integrity – As a company every employee must have integrity. Integrity with the company, with me, with team managers, with team members, and most important with clients and the general public.  
  • Do what’s right no matter what – The company’s policy is to do what is right no matter what. The Golden Rule comes into play- “ do unto others as you want others to do unto you”. Other Words treat everyone the way you want to be treated.  Common sense being implemented.  
  • Accountability: Everyone in the world is accountable for the outcome in their life.  Regardless of what the world throws at you, you decide how you react.  We don’t make excuses, we own up to the outcome and we work to improve it.
  • Walk our own talk: As a company, we work with thousands of clients helping them with their housing or investing needs, which means we MUST follow our own suggestions to come from a place of authenticity and professionalism. Along with giving our A-game every hour, we are at work. 
  • Growth: If you’re not growing, you’re slowly dying. This is true in business and in life. Every day we work to grow in all aspects of our business… but we use the mantra “progression, to guide our direction.
  • Transparency: We believe that everyone is capable of contributing to the business if they have the information.  We operate an Open Book policy and work with each team to define their forecast and business metrics for the future using all the data we have for the business.

We have included a few links on this credibility page below to get you started with the research.

BBB – Click Here

Division of Real Estate [ Type in Roger Loesel for 1st and last name everything else can be blank] – Click Here

Company Website – Click Here

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Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC

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