Note Buyers We buy Columbus Foreclosed properties!

We buy non-performing notes and foreclosed properties from Central ohio Note Buyers. We rehab the asset and get it performing and rented with our own cash (netting at least 200 a month cash flow). We then give you the opportunity to buy a note with a 50% LTV.

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Note buyers We can help you with your foreclosed properties!

We buy Columbus Ohio Foreclosure Properties or non-performing notes from Note Buyers.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC will buy the foreclosed property and  refi out with you. Turning a profit drain into Mailbox Money. 

Note buyers Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is a property buying service in Franklin County. We buy Columbus Ohio Foreclosure Properties helping you turn a cash drain, into true mailbox money month after month.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC  will buy the Columbus property that you had to foreclose on. We will use our own cash to fix the property up to neighborhood standards or to pass a section 8 rental standard. Our Realtor will find a end user; either a tenant or a owner financed buyer.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC will offer you the opportunity to refinance the rehabbed property at a 50% LTV of  neighborhood after repair value.  CORI LLC works with local note buyers as well as national and foreign note buyers. We buy all kinds of Columbus Ohio Foreclosure Properties with cash; in all types of condition.

Most note buyers that we come in contact with want notes and mortgages not Columbus Ohio Real Estate. We help note buyers learn “how to turn a bad investment into a good investment” by taking the problem property off their plate, and accepting all the responsibility.

All transactions are handled by a Licensed Realtor. We pay all title fees from a  third party title company. So rest assured that every transaction is done according to Ohio Real Estate Law.

Columbus Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is a open book during the closing process. All note buyers CORI LLC does business with receives our Realtor’s direct email and phone number. During the process and at the right time  Columbus Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC will provide Dun & Bradstreet report, Experian Report, and a Equifax Report for our business pay history.

Note buyers Give us a Call-614-961-0169 We will buy your foreclosed properties!

We buy houses like this.
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We know how to how to

turn a bad investment

into a good investment for Note Buyers!

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