Retirement Planning – figure out what to do!

Retirement Planning – figure out what to do by the numbers! Retirement Planning Checklist How much money do you need to retire comfortably? The retirement planning process requires retirement planning and a retirement plan. Most people don’t look forward to the retirement planning process, retirement yes, the process not so much. Central Ohio Real Estate … Continued

Real Estate Market Shift

Real Estate Market Shift Overwhelming news is all over the media saying that the real estate market is collapsing. Articles from various sources state that “The Housing Market Bubble Just Popped”, “Buyer Cancellations Surge & Housing Affordability Declines Further”, “Housing affordability drops”, and all that. According to an article from Redfin, the share of sale … Continued

Tips: When is the most advantageous time for Ohio investors to purchase an investment property?

If you’re an investor wondering about diversifying into the real estate realm or wondering about enhancing your investing to make investments greater profitably, then possibly you’re wondering, “When is the most advantageous time for Ohio investors to purchase an investment property?” As many wit investors identify, it’s not really about when you sell a property … Continued

Saving versus Investing

Have you been wondering whether it’s time for you to start investing, or if you should focus on saving? First, let’s discuss the difference between saving versus investing. They are used interchangeably but serve vastly different purposes. The act of taking a sum of money and consciously set it aside for future purposes or as … Continued

Why Should I Diversify my Investments in Ohio?

Investments come in all shapes and sizes. The investors who see the most profit, boast a diversified, and intelligently put-together portfolio. Here, we will explain exactly why you should diversify and what you can do to get started! Why Should I Diversify my Investments? When you diversify your portfolio, real estate or otherwise, you are … Continued

Selling your house yourself “How-to’s”

Selling your house yourself can be a real obtainable task, but very daunting at the same time. Think about it; unless you are in the sales business do you really know how to sell probably the single biggest investment you have ever made? Even then do you have A buyer’s list. A marketing plan that … Continued

Contemplating Options for Inheriting a House

Do you have a house in Columbus or Lima that you Inherited or will Inherit? Inheriting a home can be happy sad. A bittersweet feeling combining both knowing that you have the chance to continue family heritage in the homestead and the fact also means that some of the family is no longer there with … Continued

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