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Central OH’s-alternative investment to stock market is what many people are looking at these days. The investment definition of Central OH-alternative investment to stock market according to CORI LLC, is an investment in Central OH Real Estate secured by a first position lien and mortgage. 

CORI LLC ( click here for more info ) is offering cable funded notes to passive investors or Central OH Note Buyers. All of the real estate notes are discounted and secured with 20% equity in every property from day one.  To learn more about Central OH’s alternative investments to the stock market click here.

This type of investment is secured by the property itself and the 30% of equity created by rehabbing and improving the property from the distressed state.   Central OH Real Estate Investment LLC buys unwanted  properties and also distressed real estate. The property is then rehabbed to the after repair market value of other properties in the area. CORI LLC then creates a performing note and sells a partial note in order to recapture the acquisition and rehab costs invested in the property.

The investing ideas that make up CORI’s business model are simple. We follow the rule of all in at 70% of after repair value for the area. On all of the Central OH-alternative investment to stock market we buy, rehab, and sell . Our buy, rehab and hold model, is based on an all in value, of 80% of after repair value for the area.  These deep discounts and high equity in all of CORI’s Central OH alternative investment to stock market, is what gives the passive investor security over any investment in a hard asset.

Central Ohio has one of the country’s top 10 housing markets according to a study done by Evan Weese Staff reporter from Columbus Business First.  The study covered the analysis of 400 metropolitan areas. The report considers price appreciation, along with changes in employment, demographics and mortgage markets to forecast potential housing downturns before they happen.

There were 2,362 central Ohio homes and condos sold last month, a 46.7 percent gain over the previous month and a 6.3 increase over one year ago, according to the Columbus REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service. “The central Ohio real estate market continues to be as active and as good as we have seen in recent years, and March was no exception,” said 2016 Columbus REALTORS® President John Royer. “Buyers are not wasting any time committing themselves to the purchase of a new home.”

Sales prices also continue to reach record highs. The average sales price of a home in March was $191,432, up 7.9 percent from March 2015 and 3.2 percent from the previous month. The median price in March was $164,000, a 9.3 percent increase from a year ago. The average sales price is the total volume divided by the number of homes sold. The median is the midpoint — half the homes sell for less, while half sell for more. There were 3,496 central Ohio homes and condos added to the market during the month of March, a 33 percent increase over the month of February, and a slight increase of .6 percent from the same time the previous year. Even with over 3,500 homes added to the market, inventory continued its downward trend as demand continues to outpace supply. The total inventory of homes for sale in March in central Ohio came in at 5,297. This was a 21 percent drop from March 2015 and a decrease of 2.5 percent from the previous month. Inventory levels have not been this low since before 2000.The month’s supply of inventory during March was 2.0, which is 28.6 lower than a year ago, and the lowest on record. The month’s supply is calculated by taking the mount of inventory divided by average monthly sales over the last 12 months. In other words, if no more homes were added to the market, it would take about 2 months to sell all of the homes and condos currently for sale in central Ohio.“The current lack of inventory isn’t discouraging buyers from trying to find their next home. And we expect inventory to continue to rise as we head into the spring and summer months,” Royer said.During the month of March, homes spent an average of 59 days on the market which is 17 days shorter than the same month last year.According to the latest Housing Market Confidence Index by the Ohio Association of REALTORS®, 98 percent of central Ohio REALTORS® describe the current housing market as moderate to strong. When asked to describe their level of early spring activity, 55 percent of REALTORS® surveyed said it was higher than normal, 36 percent said it was normal and 9 percent said lower than normal.

The economy of Central Ohio  boast a 4.4% unemployment rate with job growth of 1.42%. The income per capita is $24,075, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $43,992. This is why Central Ohio housing market is growing and makes a safe Central OH-alternative Investment to Stock Market .


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