OREO Buyer in Central Ohio – We provide efficiency to workout managers, and save financial institutions money.

OREO Buyer Central Ohio – We buy nonaccrual credits also!

OREO Buyer in Central Ohio helps

financial Institutions save money

 Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC has a proven disposition program; that has been successful for

  • Chase,
  • Bank of America,
  • Huntington,
  • 5th 3rd bank,
  • and many servicers.

We are a OREO Buyer in Central Ohio. Our processes in place help workout managers with efficiency. The goal is to work with the systems, lenders and servicers are already using, in a regulator friendly way, that saves financial institutions money.

A Licensed Realtor with Capitol Realty helps lenders identify whether or not the residential 1-4 family first position, OREOs or nonaccrual loans would qualify for this unique Central Ohio Real Estate Distressed Property Buyer program.

Meet the Realtor Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty

OREO Buyer in Central Ohio

Typically, financial Institutions realize a cut in workout costs of 10% to 20%. We have processes in place that identifies assets fitting our buying criteria.  We offer fast closing, to cut down on lender holding costs and offer workout managers efficiency and automation throughout the whole process.

The OREO Buyer in Central Ohio connects the financial institutions workout manager or special assets oreo manger to a Realtor. One contact familiar with the file and knowledgeable on what regulators need and want when selling a non-accrual credit or OREO.

If 1-4 family first position OREO’s, or nonaccrual loans are weighing heavy on your mind?

Please – CLICK HERE to schedule a fifteen-minute call, so a Realtor can answer any questions or explain the Central Ohio Real Estate Distressed Property Buyer process; that will save the bank money.

Central Ohio Real Estate Distressed Property Buyer

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC not only works with lenders or servicers, but also with real estate owners that have problem properties and need a OREO Buyer in Central Ohio.

Are you:

Going through a divorce, and would prefer a quick sale? Click Here

Behind on payments and facing a possible foreclosure? Click Here

Do you need to move within a certain timeframe for work or other obligation? Click Here

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Are you tired of playing landlord, making endless repairs chase down rent each month? Click Here

Are you the recipient of a Columbus Estate Sale Property? Click Here

Does your property have liens against it? Click Here

Our process is simple and straight forward when you sell your house fast in Columbus Ohio. We need only basic property information to get started on your offer. We will fully analyze the property. Get you an offer typically within 24 hours by a licensed Realtor. From there, you decide what you would like to do. There is no hassle and no pressure. We want you to look at all your options and make the decision that will best support you and your goals.

Fill out the information to the right of this page. You cold be done with the problem property for good. Sell the distressed property to a OREO Buyer in Central Ohio.

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