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Case Study –

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment.

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Case Study

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment in 43232. This property is being bought as a probate property from the estate. The 3 bedroom 1 bath ada compliant house needs a $26,000 rehab. The investment property needs landscaping, shed repair, driveway repair, paint, flooring, new kitchen cabinets, doors, and drywall repair.
The after repair value for the property is 130k. Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is using a money partner. The money partner paid 100k for a note and mortgage. He is receiving 3 points at closing of the loan with a 7% interest rate for 12 payments. The loan will be paid off or a balloon is due on the 13th payment.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC

The money partner is going to earn 10% on his $100,000 debt-investment or $10000.00 and have his investment back in 13 months.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC offers debt investments that pay a fixed monthly cash payment. The Central Ohio Investment is backed by a 1st lien note and mortgage, with a LTV of 80%. That means you get a 20% equity position day one on the property that backs your investment. If a property is valued at 100k Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC sells the note at 80k. The loan or your investment is 80% of what the house is worth.

For more information click here www.centralohrealestateinvestingsdira.com

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