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 Equity vs. Equities:

With the Stock Market Setting Records,

What’s the Best Way to Build Real Wealth?

Columbus OH Real Estate Investments pay a set monthly payment.

I’m sure you have seen in the news how the stock markets keep setting record highs. It seems like we hear about a new record almost weekly these days. With that kind of performance, why would any sane investor have their money anywhere else than equities? Why should Columbus OH Real Estate Investments even be on your radar?

As it turns out, there are three big reasons: return, risk and control.


With the major indices setting records, you’d have to expect that no other investment vehicle could touch the returns that equities are providing. Right?

Not so fast. In the past 12 months, the Standard & Poors 500 Index is up only+4.50% . During the same period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up only+4.28%  . These trends are not good: year to date.

The minimum base return that Columbus OH Real Estate Investments and CORI LLC offers is higher.

That’s right, depending on how much you invest in an CORI LLC opportunity and how soon you’re willing to commit, you can receive both debt and equity returns for your passive investment. That’s more than double the DJIA return for the past year, and close to twice the S&P return for most projects.

Records are fun and catch headlines are entrancing . But you know without a doubt, actual cash in your pocket is far better.

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You have seen the disclaimer: past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Stock brokers are required by law to say it, and for good reason. There are no guarantees in the equities markets. Not on the upside, and frighteningly, not on the downside, either.

Investments such as stocks have no tangible value other than what the market says a company is worth at a snapshot in time – so one minute it’s up and the next minute it ‘s down. When a company whose shares you own has trouble, your portfolio loses value, as the millions of Americans who saw their retirement savings wiped out during 2008 – 2009 can readily attest.

Most individual investors try to hedge some of that risk by investing in mutual funds rather than individual stocks – that way one company going bankrupt won’t zero the value of their holdings. That’s not a bad strategy, in and of itself. But the need to do so underlines just how vulnerable equities are to variations in the economy: stock and mutual fund owners have every penny of their investment at risk

On the other hand, Columbus OH Real Estate Investments are 100% backed by a tangible asset –

real estate in Columbus Ohio: like apartment or multi-use buildings or single family houses, whose value has not, will not and cannot drop to zero.

Using our econometric model, CORI LLC  has carefully selected each property for its value and ability to exceed all of its financial obligations. Borrowers have been vetted just as carefully. We are convinced, based on experience, that the Columbus OH Real Estate Investments will perform as CORI LLC has projected.

But here’s the vitally important difference: even if the passive income opportunity goes south, every CORI LLC  investor is protected with a first lien position on homes for sale Columbus Ohio. So if all else fails, they can sell the asset, which is the building, and get their money back. The Reason being is in the way CORI LLC buys real estate in Columbus OH.

That’s something you don’t get with equities.

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Two thirds of all stocks are owned by institutional investors. That’s everything from Hedge Funds to Pension and Government Retirement Funds to International Investment Groups.

Sure, the largest single group of investors is regular households, but their share is only 34% and that number is shrinking.

What does this mean to you?

Increasingly, the market does what the big players want it to do, and when they want it to do it. This relegates the individual investor to relying on luck. Hoping that their buy and sell orders coincide with what the institutional investor players are planning.

Note the dichotomy in that last sentence: “hoping” vs. “planning.” Which side would you rather be on with your passive income streams?

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 As a lifetime real estate investor (I bought my first rental property in 2007 at peak of the market, but that’s a story for another time), I have never counted on  hope or luck out of my investment strategy. Instead, I rely on knowledge and experience. In short, I demand control by interpreting the market and reacting accordingly.

You know where people go with their money when they would rather rely on luck than knowledge, don’t you? It’s called a casino.

When people invest in Columbus OH Real Estate Investments they know up front:

  • What their APR will be
  •  How often they will be paid
  • Which specific property backs their investment
  • How long it will take to reach their desired return
  • What the expected exit strategy is
  • What they can do to protect themselves and get their money back if any of the above doesn’t go as planned

That’s what I call control that other Columbus real estate companies don’t offer.

So whether you’re concerned about return, risk or control – or all three – I think you’ll find that CORI LLC is hard to beat when it comes to passive income opportunities. But don’t take my word for it. Click on the link Here 

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