Columbus OH Mortgage loan type’s in 43204

CORI LLC uses a simple 4 step process-compared to other Traditional Columbus OH Mortgage Loan type’s

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Columbus OH Mortgage loan type's
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The mortgage loan type’s that traditional lenders use is a lot different from what CORI LLC uses. CORI LLC has a simple 4 step process when selling a Columbus OH  Home.  ( click here for process ).  We help home buyers like you,that for whatever reason can’t get traditional bank or lender financing. With CORI LLC instead of the buyer using the “rent to own homes” strategy to buy a house. Where the tenant/buyer has only tenant rights, with no ownership rights, until the tenant/buyer actually goes to escrow. CORI LLC uses a note and mortgage, which gives all owner rights to you the home buyer. Think of CORI LLC as the bank. We use the same documents as what the traditional Columbus OH mortgage loan type’s use, they are called a note and mortgage.

What requirements are needed for the CORI LLC’s mortgage loan

Columbus OH Mortgage Loan type's

compared to traditional Columbus OH Mortgage Loan Type’s? 

CORI LLC under writes or looks at every home buyer applicant differently then all the other Columbus OH mortgage loan type’s. CORI LLC does not have a board of directors or shareholders to make happy.  So we have the ability to make home mortgages based on the individual home buyer’s ability to repay the note; not just a number and a past history report.  The minimum credit score that our investors work with is a 580 beacon score. We use the website and ask all home buyer applicant to pull all 3 scores, print them out, and bring them on the first home buyers consultation  with their Realtor.

Every home purchase with 580 credit does require a deposit or skin in the game. The down payment amount required, depends on several factors in the credit report, job history and the house that is being purchased, much like most Columbus OH mortgage loan type’s . It is different for every home buyer but the range is 10% to 20% of the price for the house being purchased.

There is also a twenty four month job history requirement. This means that a Columbus OH home buyer applicant must be employed in the same field or type of work for at least  twenty four months without a break in employment.

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