Home buying process with 580 credit-You Could Be Buying A House!

The Curtain Pulled back and the home buying Process Revealed-buying-a-house with 580 Credit

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Home buying process with 580 credit

The home buying process with 580 credit can be done by following CORI LLC’s simple 4 step process.

If you have never experienced the home buying process; or even if you have; 2014 brought new challenges with the lending process due to the Dod Frank bill. The debt ratio a buyer can have with a FHA loan has been lowered and the PMI a buyer has to pay on their loan has increased. If you are not prepared for the home or don’t know how the home buying process works; it could cost you money or you could lose the home of your dreams. Combine that with the housing market we are in, and the need for a plan is even more important. When buying a house with 580 credit.

That is why working with an expert in their particle field is so important. CORI has put together a basic step by step guide of the home buying process with 580 credit. This guide along with the other materials on the 580 credit home buying process CORI provides; will guide you through the home buying process, when buying-a-house with 580 Credit. You will also be better prepared. Knowledge is power and with it buying a home is a simple process.

The 1st step in the home buying process

Is the same as step number 1 in any process, it is to put a plan together or see which way to go. When buying a home that means choosing’s a lender to loan you money or getting the cash yourself. CORI LLC has you covered. On most of CORI LLC’s homes for sale on land contract in Columbus Ohio, anyone with a 580+ average credit score or middle score; qualifies for a loan with a 5% to 10% initial investment.

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The 2nd step in the home buying process –

Is to meet with CORI LLC’s home buying Realtor. The meeting will last 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on questions. You will need to bring 2 years tax returns, Bank Statements for 3 months, Pay stubs, and photo ID. You will also need a copy of your credit report from all 3 credit agencies.

Go to https://www.creditchecktotal.com/ to get the copies. You must have the copies of the scores to qualify for CORI LLC’s home buying process. The Realtor from Coldwell Banker Columbus Ohio will gather the information, ask questions about your goals and needs in a house and then answer any questions you may have on buying a house with 580 credit.

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The 3rd step in the home buying process-House Hunting

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a house with 580 credit, you are ready to start house hunting for your Central OH home for sale . The Realtor from Coldwell Banker Columbus Ohio will search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and give you a printout of Columbus OH homes for sale  that meet the criteria for your ideal home. You may also get a list of For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) homes to look at in addition to the MLS list. Don’t forget to do some looking around of your own just in case you fall in love with something. This is where your communication with the Realtor is important. The agent needs to have a really good idea of what you want in order to make your search as efficient as possible.

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After you comb through the MLS printouts and FSBO lists, appointments are made. When you visit homes with your Realtor, the homes have been remodeled and are move in condition. Once you find a home for sale that you like; you and your agent will discuss an offer. The Realtor from Coldwell Banker Columbus Ohio will advise on how to put together the offer. Once you have signed the offer your Realtor will present it to CORI LLC. CORI LLC will finalize the offer. When you are in contract you will want to hire a home inspector for the inspection of your home for sale. After the home inspection is done the buyer and seller remedy period starts for any corrections need as a result of the inspection.

The 4th step in the home buying process – Congratulation’s you made it to closing.

This is the celebration time you are now a home owner congratulations. CORI has perfected this home buying process timeline and explains it to 1st time home buyers. We have created a Free report “ 9 Important Tips for Protecting Yourself When Buying a Home with 580+ Credit.”. This report will provide the education every home buyer needs to avoid the pit falls that could cost thousands.

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