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OH Home Buyers find Homes for Sale Effortlessly

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OH Home Buyers if you are having trouble finding OH homes for sale, let CORI LLC do the tedious work for you Free of charge.  CORI LLC and Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty have created a home finders property search service for OH home buyers. CORI LLC’s home finder’s property search service is the least intrusive way to find properties. The way the home finder’s property search works is a licensed Realtor will consult with you on your home buying goals and needs. The Realtor will ask you questions and take notes. They listen to your answers so we are sending you, and showing you; the right information and Central OH homes for sale. That way you may make an informed decision on house buying. We will then take that information, and base your property search around the information. So all your home buying goals and needs are met.

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There is an argument that the housing crash was caused by too many uninformed home buyers buying homes that they should not have. CORI LLC’s goal is to provide enough information to the OH Home Buyers that they can make an informed home buying decision. CORI LLC does this free of charge we considerate it the cost of doing business. We understand that if we exceed our client’s expatiations, by providing up to date information and the affordable home of their dreams they will tell family, friends, people they know. This gives us free advertisement. So it is a benefit for everyone involved.

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OH home buyers can work with CORI LLC’s home finder’s property search service as fast or as slow as they wish. The home finder’s service is an easy 4 step process. We have the entire home buying information package that any OH home buyer needs. Our websites have 1-800 information lines that you can leave a message and a licensed Realtor will call you back within 24 hours Monday through Friday. CORI LLC also has a contact page where OH home buyers can email a message to a licensed Realtor. If you would like a Realtor will meet with you once a week and walk you through the home buying process.  CORI LLC’s home finder’s property search service is geared towards the busy professional that must research a home on their schedule, or for OH home buyers that want to work with a Realtor face to face when buying home.

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CORI LLC has properties for sale in Central where the seller provides the home loan. To qualify an OH home buyer must have a 540 credit score and be able to meet lenders requirements. Which include an investment of 10 percent of the house purchase price or more depending on credit report that was used during the home buying process. CORI LLC works with a law firm that does professional credit repair. We provide all the tools, and our Realtor leads all the OH home buyers down the path to home ownership.

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