Real Estate Notes in Franklin County for Sale – 50% LTV

Real Estate Notes for Sale with 50% LTV – maximum on every property for sale! Real Estate Notes

Real Estate Notes are in Franklin County Ohio

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Real Estate Notes in Franklin County for Sale are offered by Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC. All the Franklin County Real Estate Notes have a loan to value of 80%; after repair value for the area the property is in. The properties that secure each of the notes have all been rehabbed to the neighborhood after repair value by our general contractor. Any work done to the properties that required a building permit; was city inspected and a certificate of occupancy was issued by the city the property is located in.

According to a Columbus Dispatch Article,  posted Jul 5, 2018 at 9:09 AM and written by Jim Weiker, The Columbus Ohio Real Estate Market is the 2nd hottest city market in the nation.

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” A national report issued Thursday by ( Click Here for report) confirms what Columbus-area home-shoppers already know: Demand for homes is high and supply is low in Central Ohio.

The imbalance is so extreme that Columbus was the nation’s second-hottest real-estate market in June, topped only by Midland, Texas, according to’s monthly “hotness index.”

Central Ohio has routinely landed in the top 10 in the index, but this is the city’s highest ranking after landing at No. 3 a year ago june 2017. The index is based on the median number of days homes are listed in each market (a measure of supply) and the number of times listings are viewed (a measure of demand).

In June, Columbus-area homes were viewed 2.1 times more than homes around the nation. Columbus homes were on the market a median of 32 days during the month, compared with 54 days nationwide.”

Central Ohio is on track to become a region of 3 million people by 2050, according to the latest population estimates from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). In 2018, MORPC estimates that the region saw an increase of 43,000 residents. This equates on average to 118 people coming into the region each day. The region’s total population is now estimated to be 2.4 million people.

Franklin County accounted for seventy percent (1.3 million) of the regional population increase, gaining nearly 30,000 residents, an additional 82 new residents per day.

The reason for the growth Central Ohio is expiring, is due to a sustainable way of life that delivers a range of transportation options, offers affordable housing options,  and ensures all residents have opportunities for economic success. The people moving into the region are from other parts of Ohio and from across the US.

This growth Central Ohio is experiencing, secures any  real estate notes.

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