Selling your house yourself How to’s

Selling your house yourself can be a real obtainable task, but very daunting at the same time. Think about it; unless you are in the sales business do you really know how to sell probably the single biggest investment you have ever made? Even then do you have

          • A buyer’s list
          • A marketing plan that will maximize the value of your home
          • The time for phone calls,showings, and follow up with prospect buyers

Most sellers don’t that is why they hire a real estate broker when selling their Columbus OH home for sale. Heck I don’t know how to sell gold; because that is not my profession I am a Realtor I sell houses. With that said here is the to do’s on selling your house yourself.

1. To Do’s for Selling Your House Yourself

how to sell your house yourselfIn today’s market selling your house yourself has become more accessible. The internet provides a lot of information for sellers selling your house yourself. What you need to determine 1st is a realistic selling price.

          • Rember Buyers have access to what houses are selling for too.
          • Plan is to get your house listing in front of Realtors with buyer’s list.

So the key is to determine your goal based on your needs. Think about

          • Why you are selling?
          • When you are moving
          • What you need out of the sale

Then base the list price on

          • What homes are selling for
          • What you goal is

The closer you are to the average selling price per square foot for the neighborhood , the faster your house will sell.

2. Put together an Advertising Campaign  to Maximize Value This is a double edge sword for most sellers selling your house yourself; because if done properly a flood of phone calls and appointments will follow. According to  a NRA poll over 70% of buyers start their home search on the internet. So that is why I advise you to start by putting your real estate listing on the following websites

          • Craigslist. Com

3. Create a system to track

          • Phone calls
          • Showings
          • Feedback / Follow up
          • Buyer Prospects
          • Real Estate Docs
          • Closing Process

4. Follow up Throughout the Sales Process Once you have an accepted offer the buyer will most likely want an inspection, the bank may require an appraisal, and all seller remedies must be performed, which could cost thousands.  

          • Try to do as many repairs as possible before you start selling your home yourself.

  As you can see selling your house yourself is a second job trying to handle all the details.  

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