Investing in Real Estate for Retirement Income – the Advantages

Investing in Real Estate for Retirement Income Using CORI LLC SFD IRA Strategy! 

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Investing in Real Estate for retirement income is an excellent direction to diversify your retirement account. When you invest your IRA or 401(k) in real estate for retirement income, you’ll find a number of financial advantages that aren’t present in other asset classes.

  • Investment Control – Unlike stock market related assets which rise and fall according to factors you can’t control, real estate offers you an opportunity to take control of your retirement investing. Property choice, price, renovations, and deal-making are all factors that you can influence or control directly.
  • Physical Assets – Real estate provides a tangible asset which will always possess some intrinsic value.
  • Versatility – There are a numerous methods to use real estate to create retirement income. These range from simple appreciation to cash-flow rentals to quick buy-and-flips. Different investors have differing investing styles, and almost all of them can find a home in real estate.

Real Estate Retirement Platforms

The most practical way to Invest in Columbus OH Real Estate for retirement income is to do so through a self-directed IRA or Solo 401(k). Keep in mind, though, that are two different platforms for investing in real estate for retirement income, and which one you choose requires an understanding of your investing strategy. Consult with a professional on your own investment goals.

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The Custodian platform works by having a third-party custodian hold your retirement funds, and then providing those funds when you choose to make an investment. To make an investment request, the account holder must submit a form and then wait for the funds to become available. There is normally a fee associated with this procedure.

The Checkbook Control platform works by setting up a LLC for your IRA and then opening a checking account in the name of the LLC. This allows the account holder direct access to his/her retirement funds. Investments can be made by simply writing a check without any paperwork or fees.

For most real estate investments, the preferable platform is Checkbook Control. Occasionally, however, the Custodian platform might be the better option. This is true in a case where the investor plans on investing in a property and then having no further interaction with it.

Real Estate Retirement Strategies

There are numerous strategies that an investor can pursue when utilizing property to provide retirement income. Which one is most appropriate depends upon the investor’s mindset and retirement goals. CORI LLC has experienced Investment Realtors that provide clients with cash flow investing ideas and support, to put your retirement plan to work for you, through real estate investing with IRAs and self-directed IRAs. For more information Click Here

  • Purchasing a property for appreciation – This is the classic real estate transaction. The investor purchases a property at a decent price and sits on it hoping for further appreciation.
  • Rental Units – Rentable properties can come in the form of single family units, multi-families, apartment buildings, or commercial real estate (e.g. a strip mall). Rental units are commonly known in the industry as cash-flow properties.
  • Flips – Flips involve purchasing a property at a discounted price, possibly doing some renovation, and then reselling it as quickly as possible.

Which strategy is right for you depends upon a number of factors. Some of these include the size of your retirement account, the amount of involvement you’re willing to dedicate to your property, and what kind of profits are you looking to acquire with your retirement funds. For more information on the process that CORI LLC’s uses for investing in Columbus OH Real Estate for retirement income  Click Here

Real Estate Retirement Pitfalls

Real estate, like every other retirement asset, is subject to market forces. The most profitable routes for investing in real estate are beyond the scope of this article, and it pays to get educated if you plan on entering the field. In terms of self-directed platforms, however, there is an important concept that you should be aware known as Prohibited Transactions. In essence, these are transactions that the IRS has declared prohibited and may not be utilized by your IRA or Solo 401(k). Click here to learn more about Prohibited Transactions.

CORI LLC specializes in Investing in Columbus OH Real Estate for Retirement Income. To learn more about real estate retirement investing and how it can fit into your financial goals, please Click Here. We can help assist you in creating your own prosperity when investing in real estate for retirement income.

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