Real Estate Investing in Central OH with a IRA – walking a Duplex


Real Estate Investing in Central OH with a IRA

Real Estate Investing in Central OH with a IRA through CORI LLC involves an agent walking properties, making sure the self directed IRA real estate investment fits our money partners model.

A licensed Investment Realtor evaluates each property CORI LLC buys, and matches the money partners goals to the best real estate investment in Central OH.


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This is what we do on every property to protect your Central OH  Investment.

Real estate investing in Central OH with a IRA is what I specializes in. I am Roger Loesel with Caldwell Banker King Thompson. We’re out here today, looking at a house on the south side. It’s a duplex, two bedroom, two baths or one bath on each side, two total. Want to take a look at it? Follow me.

I just basically wanted to show you what we actually look for when we  look at these Central OH Investments for purchase. If you notice, right down here you can see that the sidewalk’s broken up. That’s definitely a trip hazard, so it’s something that gonna have to be addressed.

Walk around the building here. These shrubs, we’d probably trim them or cut them down. One of the two. If you look  at this side of the building here, you  notice the sidewalks kind of beat up, sloping towards the building. That is definitely going to be a problem, because water’s going to be getting in there. So, that’s going to be addressed. I mean, you can see right here. It’s just pouring in there.

This window would have to probably be addressed. Probably want to put, glass block in there.

Cars would have to be definitely taken care of.

You can see if you swing around here, there is a crack in the foundation. Go ahead, follow me.

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All right, we’re inside now. There is hardwood floors under this carpet, so we’d probably pull up the carpeting and redo the hardwood floors.

Walking into the dining room. Basically see some drywall issues that would definitely have to be addressed. Replacement windows already in place, so that’s a good thing.

Going into the kitchen. These cabinets would definitely have to be addressed and taken out. Plumbing is an issue. They got the plumbing, so that would have to be addressed. Downstairs, they did take a hot water tank and electric.

Based on the area prices and the work that needs to be done, this house basically does not meet our buying for real estate investing in Central OH with a IRA  . There is  just too many distressed Central OH properties in the area and too much work needed to be done for the property.

Central OH Real Estate Investment LLC follows a strict buying model when real estate investing in Central OH with a IRA money partner. Not all properties fit a buying model we have for a money partner, and we don’t expect them to. CORI LLC is looking for properties that we can minimize risk and maximize profits when real estate investing in Central OH.

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Video Transcription
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