Central Ohio Real Estate Investment-Linden 43211

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment-Linden 43211

Debt Investments with fixed monthly cash Payments. Yield is 7%  on a 88k investment!

Debt Investment with Fixed Monthly Cash Payments

The Central Ohio Real Estate Investment-Linden 43211 project is backed by a 1st position note and mortgage. The money partner invested  $87,750.00. The term was on a 30 year fixed note at a interest rate of 6.75% with all payments ( a balloon ) due in 60 payments. The debt investment also yield 5 points paid at closing of the Central Ohio Note and Mortgage.

Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC is a house buying company. Our mission is to” keep real estate simple” . The company is run by a licensed Ohio Realtor with 10 years of experience in Central Ohio Investment Real Estate. Click on Pic to Meet Roger Loesel with Capitol Realty.


Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC specializes in solving problems for unwanted property owners, and helping everyday people earn above average return on their money.  When you invest with Central Ohio Real Estate Investment LLC your money works for you; instead of you working for your money.

It is a investment play that the wealthy use to build fortunes, backed by a hard asset that is worth more, than what you pay for the note. 

Central Ohio Real Estate Market

The Central Ohio Housing Market is still looking at a surplus of buyers and a shortage of homes available for them to purchase.  Interest rates remain favorable, especially for first-time buyers trying to break into the Central Ohio Real Estate Market.

Housing shortages are due to a variety of reasons, but the top 3 are:

  1. boomers choosing to age in place rather than move,
  2. lack of consumer confidence which dropped 9.8 points in June,
  3. the construction market has faltered with affordable housing new builds due to labor issues and the cost of materials.

Here in Central Ohio, our days on the market are lower than the national average.  Central Ohio’s average was 23 days for the same time with the more affordable properties selling even faster at 18 days.

Home values are rising and a 5.6% increase by May 2020 is estimated by the Home Price Index Forecast.

The last four months of 2019 could pick up or slow down!  If hesitant homeowners finally decide to sell, this could open the floodgates to buyers unless consumer confidence & rising prices keep buyers from purchasing in traditional pre-recession numbers.

What we don’t see slowing down anytime soon is affordable turn-key housing! Millennials are the group to watch since they are the largest group on the cusp of purchasing.  We’ll be watching Senate Bill 139, Ohio’s First-Time Homebuyer Savings Act!  Too late for 2019, but once this bill passes, it will assist all future first-time purchasers with a tax-free savings account to save for their first home.

To get more information on Central Ohio Debt Investments backed by real estate or to receive more information on the Central Ohio Real Estate Investment-Linden 43211 project – click on – centralohrealestateinvestingsdira.com 

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