OH Real Estate Development Process

OH Real Estate Development Process

OH real estate development process is a system of steps CORI LLC has perfected for the  OH real estate market . CORI LLC’s OH real estate development process was built during one of the worst real estate markets ever; so it is proven to work .  CORI LLC maximizes the rehab in areas the market calls for; while minimizing the costs with proven systems from the OH real estate development process.

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CORI LLC has acquired relationships with mortgage services that are direct to the investors. These real estate investors are note buyers; CORI LLC  works with these note buyers and provides honest solutions for OH house sellers; who need to sell fast. CORI LLC acquires these properties with the help of our Real Estate Broker . CORI LLC rehab’s some of the Houses  and then sells them to end users, with the help of our Investors.    CORI LLC  also helps Investors participate in the OH Real Estate Market by providing OH real estate at a deep discount. The remaining other OH properties CORI LLC will rehab and then rent the properties out for monthly cash flow and a nice appreciation in value when we sell.

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The OH Real Estate market population is 7,419,680 house buyers (20 years to 65 years old). 5,464,777 people living in OH under the age of 35; the Millennial Generation. If CORI LLC captures 1/10th of this target market they will sell or rent 5465 single family homes. With a conservative number of $5000 in profit a unit; the market profit potential is $27,325,000. CORI LLC is raising money to enter this market with high demand for growth.

CORI LLC has established the logistics and systems it requires to handle high volume property development.  Our vendors include real estate attorney, real estate broker, title company, insurance company,  full contracting and maintenance staff, credit repair company, mortgage broker, mortgage underwriter, mortgage servicer, take out lender, and a full administration office staff .  CORI LLC provides the property development service that the market is asking for. Our systems will work in any market because they are based on 3 factors.  What properties are selling for in that market,  what buyers want in that market and what lenders are willing to take out for in that market.    Making all of our investors investments 100% secure for any project.

CORI LLC has a business plan available  for investor who would like more information on the OH real estate development process CORI LLC has perfected to produce a 12% to 25% ROI for our Investors.

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